Several days in advance, use cutter from Wilton's Animal Pals Set to cut butterflies from white fondant. Using Wilton's Color Mist™ and spray butterflies. Score a piece of cardboard down center with craft knife, dust lightly with cornstarch and position butterfly on score line. Bend up each side of cardboard at a 45° angle and prop up so that wings dry in flight position; let dry.

Using royal icing, pipe tip 3 spiral antennae on parchment paper; let dry completely. Pipe tip 8 dot head and elongated shell body on each butterfly.

Insert antennae in head. Pipe tip 1 dot eyes and outline mouth. Pipe tip 4 dots on wings. Attach lollipop stick to back of 1 butterfly with royal icing; let dry.

Found at Wilton.com


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