Frosting bow

Frosting Bow
Icing: medium consistency

Tip: 104


Bag: 45° angle 6:00
Tip: wide end touching, narrow end straight up


1. Squeeze, loop to left.

2. Squeeze, loop right.

3. Add two streamers.

Hold the bag at a 45° angle 6:00 to the surface. The wide end ofthe tip should touch the surface and the narrow end should point straightup. While squeezing, move the tip up and around to the starting point andcontinue around, making a second loop on the right. The two loops shouldform a figure 8. Still holding bag in the same position, return to the centerand squeeze out two streamers.

(To use with floral sprays: tie your floral spray together with one bow,using medium consistency Class Decorating Buttercream Icing in the colorof your choice. The bow should be placed 1 in. below the focal point ofthe bouquet.)

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Anonymous at: 9/20/2010 1:14 PM said...

I want something a little more fancy for a present cake possibly out of icing maybe a fondant bow.

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