Getting Ready:

Position foil 1/2 way in 1-5/8 in. lily nail
Prepare two parchment bags, one with tip 352, one with tip 2
Fill bags half full with stiff consistency royal icing; pink for petals (tip 352), yellow for center (tip 2)
Icing: Stiff consistency royal
Nail: 1-5/8 in. lily nail
Tips: 352, 2
- Bag: 45° angle at 3:00 (9:00) for petals, 90° angle for center
- Nail: in left (right) hand
- Tips:
For petals: pointed end touching nail
For center: slightly above flower

1. Insert tip into lily nail. Squeeze hard and pipe leaf shaped petal just over edge of foil cup; relax pressure, stop and pull away.
2. Pipe two more petals, dividing the nail into thirds. Add three more petals in the open spaces.
3. Add six smaller leaf shaped petals on top and between the larger ones.
Add seven tip 2 dots to center.

Found at Wilton.com


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