Practice with Tips: 104, 5
Icing Consistency: Medium Royal Icing
Bag Position: For Petals, 45° at 3:00 (9:00); For center, 90°. Hold Tip: For petals, wide end lightly touching 1/4 inch away from center of nail, narrow end pointing out to outer edge; for center, hold slightly above flower.

1. Dot center of flower nail with icing as guide for flower center. Starting at any point near outer edge of nail, squeeze and move tip towards center icing dot. Stop pressure, pull tip away.

2. Repeat for a total of 12 or more petals.

3. Add tip 5 flower center and press to flatten. For pollen effect, dampen your finger, dip in crushed Cake Sparkles?, then press on center.

Try these combinations on your daisies?yellow petals with yellow or blue centers, violet or blue petals with yellow centers, peach petals with orange centers. Highlight the center with Cake Sparkles? or colored sugars which are extra fine texture.

Found at Wilton.com


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