Morning Glory

Morning Glory

Practice with Tips: #104, 103, 2, 1

- Icing Consistency: Stiff Royal Icing
- Bag Position: For Ruffled Cup, 45° at 3:00 (9:00); For Stamen, 90°
- Hold Tip: For Inner Flower Cup, Wide and Narrow Ends Touching Surface; For Petals, Wide End Touching Top of Nail

Line 1 5/8 inch lily nail with foil. Position wide end of tip down in nail. Using tip 104 and white icing, pipe a shallow cup within the nail. Pipe a second cup slightly above the first. Smooth with a damp brush.
Using tinted icing and tip 103, pipe a ruffled cup slightly above the white inner cup, increasing pressure in five places to form points.

* When you are smoothing together the edges of your inner cup and ruffled cup, don't use too much water. Touch the brush to your hand before applying to remove excess water.

With dampened decorator brush, blend tinted icing into white center. Next, brush white icing up to form a star shape.
Using tip 1 and thinned white icing, pipe five lines from base of flower to edge. Pipe tip 2 center stamen using yellow icing

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