Fondant 101

Fondant 101

The porcelain-smooth finish of rolled fondant creates a suitable base for a variety of decorations and embellishments and can keep a cake fresh for several days (even in warm weather) by protecting it from air exposure. Rolled fondant is a popular choice for wedding cakes, but it does not have to be reserved for nuptials alone; its rich, sweet taste makes it a good icing for cakes for any special occasion.

Amount Guidelines
When deciding how much fondant to portion out, err on the side of too much. Excess fondant can always be reused.

For round, octagonal, petal, or hexagonal tiers approximately 3 1/2 inches high:
6-inch diameter: 1 1/2 pounds fondant
8-inch diameter: 2 pounds fondant
10-inch diameter: 2 1/2 pounds fondant
12-inch diameter: 3 pounds fondant

For square tiers approximately 3 1/2 inches high:
6-inch diameter: 2 pounds fondant
8-inch diameter: 2 1/2 pounds fondant
10-inch diameter: 3 pounds fondant
12-inch diameter: 4 pounds fondant

Fondant Tips
1. Fondant should be used at room temperature.

2. For a flawless final appearance, be sure that your surface, rolling pin, and hands are clean and lint-free. Tie back long hair, trim long nails, avoid wearing fuzzy clothing, and remove any jewelry on your hands and wrists.

3. When storing fondant, make sure the plastic bag and tub is tightly sealed to prevent it from drying out. Store the tub at cool room temperature; do not refrigerate. It will last for several days.

4. For best results, spread a thin layer of icing over the cake before applying the fondant; this "crumb coat" will create a tacky surface to which the fondant can stick.

5. Once the fondant has been rolled, quickly transfer it to the cake; the time between rolling it out and covering the cake should be no more than 5 minutes. The iced cake will keep at room temperature for several days. If the cake’s filling requires refrigeration, avoid a long chilling time or the fondant can become dewy.

6. If you are making a multi-tiered cake, cover each tier with fondant before stacking them on top of one another. For best results, stack just before serving.

7. To conceal rough edges between the fondant-covered cake layers, and for a more professional appearance, create a decorative border around the cake’s edges and between the tiers. Roll a small piece of fondant into a thin snake as long as the cake’s circumference. Wrap the snake around the cake’s edge, gently press into cake, and crimp as desired.

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