Practice with Tips: 1, 14, 103
Icing Consistency: Medium Royal Icing
Bag Position: For Petals, 45° at 3:00 (9:00); For Center, 90°
Hold Tip: For Petals, wide end of tip lightly touching center of nail, narrow end pointing our and raised 1/4 inch above nail surface; For Center; slightly above flower.
Flower Nail: #7
1. Squeeze bag and move tip out 1/4 inch using a "curve, dip, curve" motion to form first heart-shaped petal while turning nail in opposite direction
(Move tip out 1/4 inch, then in 1/8 inch and back out.) Relax pressure as you return to starting point.

2. Repeat procedure for remaining four petals.

3. Pipe tip 14 center star with tip 1 dot. Let dry.

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